West Virginia

Code Section

Distribution of Revenue
The West Virginia Lottery is distributed 45% as prizes, 15% to operation and administration expenses, and the rest (40%) is net profit. The net profits are put in the State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund, which funds many worthy causes, including:

  • General Purpose Account ($65 million) spent as decided by the legislators, but also the last item to be funded if net proceeds are low
  • Infrastructure Fund ($40 million)
  • Education Improvement Fund ($29 million) with an additional Higher Education Improvement Fund ($10 million)
  • School Building Debt Service Fund ($19 million)
  • Economic Development Project Fund ($19 million) to build, for example, sports arenas, parks, hiking trails, health clinics, water treatment plants, biotech facilities, telecommunications infrastructure, and retail structures to revitalize decaying downtowns
  • State Park Improvement Fund ($5 million)

Additional Purpose

Prize Subject to Garnishment
For delinquent payment of child or spousal support

Time Limit to Claim Prize/Disposition
180 days/reverts to state lottery fund for the purpose of awarding additional prizes

Prohibited Related Activities
Altered/forged tickets; unauthorized sales; sale at greater price; sales to minors

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