Code Section
T.31 §651, et seq.; and “Tri-State Lotto,” T.31 §671, et seq

Distribution of Revenue
50% of gross sales revenue goes to prizes. Once operating costs are accounted for, remaining revenue goes to fund state and local public education.

Additional Purpose

Prize Subject to Garnishment

Time Limit to Claim Prize/Disposition
After one year, unclaimed prizes revert to state lottery fund

Prohibited Related Activities
State lottery is expressly exempt from Vermont’s gaming laws; Advertising must state odds of winning to the extent practicable; Tickets cannot be sold for more than the printed price; Tickets cannot be sold to minors but can be given as gifts to minors; licenses are required to sell lottery tickets and licensees cannot be convicted felons; Lottery commission members, employees, and household members cannot receive prizes.; lottery is audited annually.

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