Code Section
Ch. 10 §22, et seq.

Distribution of Revenue
45% payment of prizes; 15% administration and operating expenses; balance State Lottery Fund

Additional Purpose
Authorized to conduct lottery for the benefit of the arts; provide property tax relief; continue services at the local level and to accommodate discrepancies between revenues and related expenses.

Prize Subject to Garnishment
For past due child support on any prizes over $600

Time Limit to Claim Prize/Disposition
1 year/allocated in same manner as other lottery revenue

Prohibited Related Activities

  • Impersonating a member or employee of the lottery commission;
  • Accepting a bribe in exchange to secure a license to sell lottery tickets or employment with the commission;
  • Forging/altering tickets;
  • Selling tickets to a minor; and
  • Selling a ticket a price greater than that established by the commission.
  • Any member or employee of the lottery commission;
  • Any spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent living in the same household of any member or employee of the commission.

Inside Massachusetts