Code Section
Iowa Code Chapter 99G
Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 531

Distribution of Revenue
The net proceeds of the lottery are transferred to the state general fund to provide monies to a wide variety of state causes. Among those programs that have received funding are:

  • Iowa Veterans Trust Fund – Provides qualified veterans with tuition, job training, and counseling, dental, vision, and hearing assistance since 2008
  • Iowa Plan – A long-term economic development program funded through the lottery from 1986 to 1990
  • Vision Iowa – Since 2000, has created tourism destinations in the state, assisted with community attractions, and built and repaired schools
  • Iowa Gambling Treatment Fund – Treatment program for problem gamblers, includes the helpline 1-800-BETSOFF


Additional Purpose
To support a variety of programs and services and to provide continuing entertainment to the public, in the form of the lottery.

Prize Subject to Garnishment
Prizes over $600 subject to garnishment for claimant agencies

Time Limit to Claim Prize/Disposition
Period deemed appropriate by commissioner/added to future prize pools and given to holders of winning tickets or shares in addition to amounts already allocated

  • 90 days for Scratch and Pull-tab prizes and Iowa’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 prizes
  • 365 days (1 year) for Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Monopoly Millionaires’ Club, and All or Nothing games

Prohibited Related Activities
Sale at greater price; sale to minor (under 21); unauthorized sale; forged/altered ticket

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