Code Section
4-30-1-1, et seq.

Distribution of Revenue
Administrative trust fund for prizes and expenses; any surplus revenue (where roughly $15 million goes to state teachers’ retirement fund and $7.5 million to pension relief fund with remaining surplus to the “Build Indiana Fund” for highway construction, job creation, economic development and state and local capital projects)

Additional Purpose
To enable the people of Indiana to benefit from significant money for capital improvements

Prize Subject to Garnishment
For prizes over $599, if owes (1) outstanding debt to state agency, (2) delinquent state taxes, or (3) child support paid through a court [if multiple obligations, 1st to child support, 2nd to judgments owed, 3rd to tax liens, and 4th to unsecured debts owed by prize winner]

Time Limit to Claim Prize/Disposition
180 days/added to pool for future prizes or used for special prize promotions

Prohibited Related Activities
Sale to minors; stolen/counterfeited/altered tickets; at different price; by unauthorized retailer or agent; sale on credit

Inside Indiana